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bu law tower


The Sumner M. Redstone Building:

Watch the animated construction of the 93,000-square-foot, five-story Redstone Building

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ice skaters

The Campaign for Boston University:

As part of the campus-wide Campaign for BU, the law school kicked off its $80 million campaign during Alumni & Reunion Weekend

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khiara bridges

On Point(e):

Associate Professor Khiara Bridges strikes a balance between lifelong interests in legal scholarship and ballet

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Maureen O'Rourke

Dean's Corner:

Dean Maureen O'Rourke discusses how BU Law is meeting current challenges in legal education

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Still Waiting for Tomorrow:

BU Law hosts international scholars and activists for conference on unresolved refugee crises across the globe

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School News

financial inclusion guide

BU's Center for Finance, Law & Policy now managing global Financial Inclusion Guide

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bu law llm students

BU Law ranked #8 in the Northeast for graduate employment rate

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marjan bachelor

Civil Litigation Program in action: Marjan Batchelor ('13) wins trial in Quincy Court

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tax keys LL.M. in Taxation Program ranked top 5 in nation by tax firing authorities

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upward bound logo

BU Law students prep Upward Bound high school students for summer mock trial

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Faculty News Highlights


Q&A with Tamar Frankel:
Ponzi schemes, con artists and her new book

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james bessen and mike meurer mike meurer and jim bessen

Mike Meurer and Jim Bessen
author influential "patent trolls" study

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Susan Akram

Susan Akram and students in her Asylum and Human Rights Clinic author amicus brief in important human rights case

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rob burdick

Practicing Law: Podcast series features Professor Robert G. Burdick discussing BU Law's Housing, Employment, Family and Disability Clinic

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Alumni Newsmakers

bu law silver shingle award winners 2012

2012 Silver Shingle Awards:

Six individuals honored for notable contributions to the legal profession, leadership within the community, unfailing service to the School of Law, and superlative contributions to society

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janice bassil janice bassil

Seeking Justice:

Janice Bassil ('78) defends Massachusetts' most controversial clients

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Michael Roth

What's a Law Degree to a Fortune 500 CEO?

Michael Roth ('71) discusses the role of his legal education in running a $7 billion company

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foreclosure sign

Alumnus Fights to Stem Tide of "Robo-Signer" Foreclosures:

Thomas Cox ('69) filed suit in Maine that led to national foreclosure freeze

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JIm Marshall


An Agent for Peace:

Former Congressman Jim Marshall ('77) appointed president-elect of the United States Institute of Peace

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New faces around campus

The BU Law Faculty welcomes two new full-time faculty members:

Kent CoitProfessor of the Practice of Law Kent Coit joins the BU Law faculty as the director of the Transactional Law Program. He is a recently retired partner from the Boston office of Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP, where he practiced in the firm's mergers and acquisitions department for almost 30 years. Professor Coit directed Skadden's Summer Associate M&A training program in Boston, in which law students in the office's summer program learned how an acquisition is structured, negotiated and documented, and how contractual provisions operate in the context of a real business deal. He also served as the attorney development partner in Skadden's Boston office, responsible for developing and implementing the firm's associate mentoring program.

William MarshallVisiting Professor of Law William P. Marshall is the Kenan Professor of Law at the University of North Carolina School of Law, where he has taught media law, civil procedure, constitutional law, First Amendment, federal courts, church-state, and the law of the presidency. At BU Law, he will teach courses in civil procedure and First Amendment law. Professor Marshall has published extensively on First Amendment, federal courts and presidential powers issues. He is a leading expert on federal judicial selection matters and on the interrelationship between media, law and politics, and is the author of Cases and Materials on Federal Courts (American Casebook Series, 2011). Professor Marshall served as deputy White House counsel and deputy assistant to the president of the United States during the Clinton Administration, and was recently the solicitor general of Ohio.

The Esdaile Alumni Center welcomes two new staff members:

Zach DubinZach Dubin has joined the Esdaile Alumni Center team as its new associate director of annual giving and leadership gifts. He comes to us from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, where he served as assistant director of principal and major gifts for the last year and a half. Prior to that, he served as a development assistant for principal and major gifts and development officer for annual giving at Dana-Farber.

Sara DaceySara Dacey has joined the Esdaile Alumni Center as its new assistant director of alumni relations. She joins us from the American Diabetes Association, where she was the associate director for special events and fundraising for several years. Sara has managed the largest fundraising event in the ADA's Eastern Region: Boston's Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes, building the walk into one of ADA's top seven fundraising events nationally and increasing the revenue by 30%. She has been planning large- and small-scale special events in the Boston and New York regions for over six years since her early days at Dana-Farber's The Jimmy Fund.

BU Today  features:

bu campus

The Campaign: First and Foremost
A $1 billion, five-year drive officially kicked off last weekend
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bu campus

Sumner Redstone Gives $18 Million to School of Law:

Addition to law building will bear media giant's name
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Upcoming Event Highlights

  • 10 OCT

    The Ponzi Scheme Puzzle: 2012 University Lecture by Professor Tamar Frankel - Event Info

  • 12 OCT

    Evaluating Claims about "The End of Men": Legal and Other Perspectives - Event Info

  • 15 OCT

    The Least Bad Death: Who Decides? 9th Annual Pike Lecture on Health Law, featuring Marcia Angell, MD - Event Info

  • 29 OCT

    The Supreme Court and the Fourth Amendment's Exclusionary Rule: Celebration of the publication of Professor Tracey Maclin's book - Event Info

  • 2 NOV

    Networking Reception for Alumni & Class of 2015: Reception capping a Career Conference for 1Ls - Event Info

  • Full calendar listing

Upcoming Faculty Activities

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