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Upcoming Event Highlights

November 15

“Sex and Citizenship at the Court," Brown Bag Lunch Talk featuring Professor Kristin Collins
Event Info

November 17

Elizabeth Battelle Clark Legal History Series: Tommy Crocker, “Can ‘Necessitous Men’ ever be free? Exigency, Security, and the American Political Constitution”
Event Info

BU Event: "Iraq: The Next 10 Years" with Ambassador Ryan Crocker
Event Info

November 22

Workshop Series on Financial Reform: "The National Transportation Safety Board: A Model for Systemic Risk Management"
Event Info

Lunch with Judge Margaret S. Fearey, Associate Justice of the Middlesex Juvenile Court
Event Info

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Meet new BU Law bloggers!

BU Law welcomes four new bloggers to the J.D. student blogging team. Be sure to check out all new posts for a real-time glimpse into the BU Law experience.

Meet the bloggers

princeton review

BU Law featured in The Princeton Review’s “Best 172 Law Schools: 2011 Edition”

#1 in the nation for Best Professors
#8 for Best Classroom Experience
#10 for Best Career Prospects

Full story

mass bar logo

94.7% of recent BU Law graduates pass Mass. Bar examination

Full story

japanese diet

Improving Japan’s legal education system: BU Law hosts Japanese legislators in U.S research mission

Full story

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Professor Emeritus Michael Baram edits new book, Governing Risk in GM Agriculture

View description

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David Angueira ('82) secures $2 million settlement for family of abortion malpractice victim

Boston attorney forges ahead with civil case, secures $2M award

View feature, Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly

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Faculty Newsmakers

Virginia Greiman publishes "The Big Dig: Learning from a Mega Project," ask Magazine
View article

Cornelius Hurley in the news:
-Authors "Viewpoint: Harness Home Loan Banks for Job Creation," American Banker
View article
(subscription required)
-Featured in BU Law Podcast Series: "Financial Reform and the Law"
View series
- Quoted in "Fed Continues Its Push for Clarity and Transparency," American Banker
View article (subscription required)

Keith Hylton quoted in "Travel sites mobilize to block Google-ITA deal," Boston Globe
View article

Kristin Collins co-authors "Sexing Citizenship: The Supreme Court should strike down an old citizenship law that discriminates against fathers," Slate
View article

Kevin Outterson in the news:
-One of 79 law professors to petition President Barack Obama for more visibility in ongoing negotiations for international intellectual property agreement
View petition
- Quoted in "Antibiotics Research Subsidies Weighed by U.S.," New York Times
View article

Frederick Tung testifies at Congressional hearing regarding Troubled Asset Relief Program and Executive Pay
View article and video

Jay Wexler quoted in "Arizona tax-credit case a test of church vs. state," The Arizona Republic
View article

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Alumni Newsmakers

Alumni: Complete the New Legal Market Project online alumni survey and enter a drawing for a new Apple iPad!
More information

Virginia D. Benjamin ('76) elected to board of directors, American College of Bond Counsel
View press release

Bruce Berman ('72) joins Carlton Fields, Miami, as shareholder
View press release

Dana Bucin ('05) joins Kelly & Spellacy's CT office. She was also named a "High Achiever" in the 2010 Connecticut Law Tribune's Women in the Law
View Kelly & Spellacy press release

View Connecticut Law Tribune (pdf format)

Martha Coakley ('79) reelected Attorney General, Massachusetts
View article

James Ernstmeyer ('10) named vice president of engineering, Rypos, Inc., Holliston, Mass.
View article

Bruce Gilmore ('72) honored at Diocese of Fall River, MA, annual Red Mass
View article

U.S. Senator Judd Gregg ('72, LL.M. '75) delivers lecture, "Debt and Deficit: Long-term Fiscal Issues," Rice University
View press release

Coleen Klasmeier ('96) named partner at Sidley Austin, Washington, D.C.
View press release

Kimberly M. Jones ('06) joins Phelps Dunbar, Tampa, as associate
View press release

Robert Kornitzer ('81) quoted in "How the recession has affected divorces," New Jersey News Room
View article

Jack Rovner's ('76) firm, the Health Law Consultancy, named "first-tier" in the Illinois "Best Law Firms" list, U.S. News
View press release

David VanSpeybroeck ('89) named to 2010 "Best Lawyers" list, U.S. News
View his profile

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A Message from Anthony Barbuto, Executive Director, Development and Alumni Relations:

quoteWe are excited to welcome Emily Archibald as our new Assistant Director for the Annual Fund. Emily received a BA in Anthropology from Wesleyan University and spent four years working in PR and marketing before moving to nonprofit fundraising. For the past five years, she has worked at Rediscovery, Inc. a small nonprofit in Waltham that helps homeless youth and youth aging out of foster care to become independent adults. Emily is originally from Virginia, though she lived for a year in Turkey during high school and a semester in Indonesia while in college. She now lives in Needham.quote

BU Today features:

LGBT Voices: Becoming Myself: Life stories offer messages of hope

Feeling SAD? You’re Not Alone’Tis the season for seasonal affective disorder
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