Commencement 2007 Recap

May 20, 2007

View photos from BU Law's Commencement 2007.

Commencement Photo Flipbook

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Commencement Speakers


Attorney General Martha Coakley Delivers 2007 Commencement Speech

As a Boston University School of Law Graduate with over 20 years spent dedicated to a career in public service, most would agree that Attorney General Martha Coakley (‘79) is more than qualified to administer advice. At the BU Law Commencement, held on May 20th, General Coakley did just this, delivering her variation of rules to follow as graduates embark on their long-awaited careers, as well as life outside the University.
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Christopher Xavier Elliott Delivers LL.M. Student Commencement Address

Excerpt: As I think back to my experiences in the Banking and Finance LL.M. program, two words come to my mind…Global Investments. Today I would like to share with you exactly what I mean when I say those words; Global Investments. If everyone were to take a second and look to their left then to their right, behind them then to the front there is a great likelihood that you’ve just seen someone from a different part of the globe. This is the world that we live in today....This is what we experienced here at Boston University. We were placed in an environment where we were learning with, not the smartest people in our neighborhood, state or country, but rather the world. And I can tell you it is both exciting and humbling to be in such great company.
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Benjamin James Armour Delivers J.D. Student Address