The Terri Shiavo Case: One Year Later
March 31, 2006

Welcome & Overview:


Introduction to Barney Frank - Professor George J. Annas (3:29)
Keynote Address - The Honorable Barney Frank (32:33)


Terri and Katrina: Culture of Life vs. Culture of (in) Competence - Professor George J. Annas (32:42)


Medical Lessons

Introduction to Ronald Cranford - Professor Wendy K. Mariner (2:19)
Doctors in the Courtroom - Ronald E. Cranford, M.D. (31:24)

Introduction to Michael Grodin - Professor Wendy K. Mariner (:38)
Doctors and Families - Michael A. Grodin, M.D. (24:36)

Questions & Answers - Ronald E. Cranford, M.D., Michael A. Grodin, M.D. (26:39)

Presentation of Pike Award to George Greer - Professor Maureen A. O'Rourke (4:48)
Pike Award Acceptance Speech - The Honorable George W. Greer (5:23)


Media Lessons

Introduction - Professor Winnie Roche (2:31)
How Publicity Makes Easy Cases Hard - Leonard H. Glantz (59:15)


Legal Lessons

Introduction - Professor Fran Miller (8:45)
Federalism at the Bedside - Professor Wendy K. Mariner (22:42)
Ideology, the Kingdom of Heaven and Uses of Compassion: Reflections on the Razor's Edge in Schiavo - Professor Allan H. Macurdy ( 16:58)
Parents and Partners: Who Speaks for the Patient, and Why? - Professor Katharine Silbaugh (19:58)

Question & Answers - Professor Wendy K. Mariner, Professor Allan H. Macurdy, Professor Katharine Silbaugh (13:28)


Conference Summary - Michael A. Grodin, M.D. ( 3:40)