Conference: Software Patents: A Time For Change?
November 17, 2006

Welcome Remarks - Dean Maureen A. O'Rourke (6:35)

Panel I: The Great Debates: Software Patents and Patent Reform

Introduction – Dennis Crouch (4:36)

Panel Presenters:
Brian Kahin, CCIA/University of Michigan (18:56)
James Heald, FFI (30:33)
Robert Barr, UC Berkeley (18:15)

Question & Answer Panel - (11:03)

Panel II: Empirical Evidence on Software Patents

Wes Cohen, Moderator

Panel Presenters:
Bronwyn Hall, UC Berkeley (31:34)
Jim Bessen, Boston University/Research on Innovation (12:49)
Mark Webbink, Red Hat (Presented by Jim Bessen) (4:32)

Question & Answer Panel – (19:18, audio only)

Panel III: Effects of Software Patents on:

Introduction – Megan MacGarvie, Moderator

Free/Open Source/User Innovation: Eric Von Hippel, MIT (16:05)
Entrepreneurship: Pamela Samuelson, UC Berkeley (13:11)
Standards: Danny Weitzner, W3C (14:51)
Information and Communications: Jason Schultz, EFF (18:49)
Ecommerce: Emily Ward, eBay
Financial Services: Bob Hunt, Federal Reserve bank of Philadelphia (15:46)

Question & Answer Panel - (9:45)

Panel IV: Legal Perspectives on Software Patents

Introduction – Robert Plotkin, Moderator (4:09)

Panel Presenters:
John Duffy, George Washington University (19:21)
Peter Menell, UC Berkeley (15:21)
Mike Meurer, Boston University (14:38)
Jay Dratler, University of Akron (14:03)

Question & Answer Panel (14:22)

Roundtable: Options for Action/Reform

Roundtable (1:03:39)
Question & Answer Panel (19:43)