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Extraordinary Powers in Ordinary Times
The Political, Ethical and Constitutional Issues Raised when the Law Responds to Emergencies

September 30, 2006

Conference Introduction- Dean Maureen O'Rourke (02:39)

Keynote Speaker Introduction- Fran Miller (03:53)

Keynote Address- James Morone (53:58)

Panel 1 — Security and Liberty
Panelist Introduction- Daniela Caruso, Moderator (03:14)
Gary Lawson (31:09)
Adrian Vermeule (14:43)
Oren Gross (22:15)
Q&A (31:14)

Panel 2 — Culture and Values
Panelist Introduction- David Seipp, Moderator (03:35)
Barbara Armacost (29:35)
Adeno Addis (32:27)
Q&A (22:43)

Panel 3 — Health and Well-Being
Wendy Mariner (24:01)
Michael Greenberger (21:13)
George Annas (30:33)
Q&A (07:52)