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AJLM Symposium:
"Marketing Health: The Growing Role of Commercial Speech Doctrine in FDA Regulation" - Afternoon Sessions
February 26, 2011

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  • Potentially Misleading Speech, Including Off-Label Promotion, Part 1
    • Aaron Kesselheim, Harvard School of Public Health & Brigham and Women's Hospital
      • Off Label Drug Use and Promotion: Balancing Public Health Goals and Commercial Speech
    • Martin Reddish, Northwestern University School of Law & Coleen Klasmeier, Sidley Austin
      • Off-Label Prescription Advertising, The FDA and The First Amendment: A Study in the Values of Commercial Speech Protection
  • Potentially Misleading Speech, Including Off-Label Promotion, Part 2
    • Christopher Robertson, University of Arizona James E. Rogers School of Law
      • Triple Blinding: How to Stop Undue Industry Influence on Biomedical Science, WIthout Violating the First Amendment
    • Kate Greenwood, Seton Hall Law Center for Health and Pharmaceutical Law & Policy
      • Preventive Medicine: A Constitutional Defense of the FDA's Wholesale Regulation of Prescription Drug Promotion