Summer International Internship Program (SIIP)

The Summer International Internship Program (SIIP) is an innovative initiative designed to present J.D. students with summer internship opportunities outside the United States - specifically, at overseas law firms, companies and organizations.

As a coordinated initiative between the Career Development Office (CDO) and Office of Foreign Programs (OFP), the program underscores BU Law's commitment to preparing J.D. students for global work. As an overseas employer, you stand to play a vital role in this process. We hope your firm or organization will participate by signing up to host one or more qualified summer J.D. interns at your office.


About the SIIP Program

The SIIP program responds to the increasing interest among J.D. students to receive real world experience in international practice settings. Many seek exposure to cross-border legal work related to a specific country or region of interest.

Participating SIIP organizations stand to benefit by engaging J.D. students on projects where English-language proficiency, an understanding of American law and U.S. legal research skills are called for. We expect the program will also be a good way for firms to build connections with future U.S. attorneys -- for longer-term referral and business development purposes.

Students understand that SIIP internships are not meant to result in permanent post-graduation job offers - rather, they are designed to inform students' evolving career decisions about international legal work.


How the Program Works

BU Law's Career Development Office (CDO) and Office of Foreign Programs (OFP) will work with Participating Organizations to facilitate all aspects of the student application process, greatly simplifying the recruitment process for you.

The CDO will collect and make available to interested students information about SIIP internship opportunities. Participating Organizations will specify their particular needs, such as foreign language skills and substantive background, and indicate up-front important information about stipends, type of work assignments and other relevant details about the internship opportunities.

The CDO will forward qualified students' application materials to the designated contact person in your office in accordance with the deadline date you select. Deadlines are usually anytime between December and April. After you review the applicants, you should then contact the student(s) directly on appropriate next steps. If you are interested in one or more candidates, you might want to arrange for phone interviews. (Applicants whom you are not interested in pursuing should also be notified of this as well.)

While there is no expectation that you will provide housing to SIIP interns, students will most likely need some assistance finding short-term accommodations, particularly if they have never been to your city before or have no connections there.

What To Do Next

Your participation begins by completing the Participating Organization Information Form.

As the international dimension of law becomes increasingly important in this globalized economy, the SIIP program will help students and alumni build mutually beneficial relationships. We hope you will participate.

We look forward to hearing from you with questions, comments or suggestions about this exciting initiative. Any questions can be addressed to Katrina Volante, the CDO's Senior Program Coordinator of Pro Bono and Clerkships ( (617-353-3141).

Warm regards,

John N. Riccardi
Assistant Dean for Graduate and International Programs
             Katrina R. Volante
Senior Program Coordinator of Pro Bono and Clerkships
Career Development Office