Student Affairs provides several publications and resources to assist BU Law students with navigating the law school and the University:

  • 1L Continuing Orientation Handbook (password-protected PDF)
    Includes important deadlines for the Spring 2017 semester, as well as initial guidance on bar preparation, academic advising, academic enhancement, moot court, law journals, and student abroad opportunities.
  • JD Student Handbook
    Provides information about student services, academic programs and regulations, BU Law policies and procedures, and disciplinary regulations.
  • Know Your Resources
    This quick go-to guide provides the emails and phone numbers of various departments and people across BU and the School of Law that offer multiple resources from academic advising and personal well-being to facilities concerns and discrimination incidents.
  • Locker Information
    Each JD student receives a locker at the beginning of the 1L year. Please review the directions and FAQs hyperlinked above or the video below for additional information on how to open your locker.

Helpful Tips

      1. Stop fully when you reach each number for your combination to allow the lock to register the number entered.
      2. If you are struggling to open your locker, apply gentle pressure by pushing the lock in when you have landed on your number. This will help ensure the lock registers that you have entered the combination.
      3. After landing on the final number of your locker continuing turning the lock clockwise. This will open the locker.
      4. Scramble your lock before and after opening it each time. This will ensure the lock is prepared for you to enter the combination.
      5. Please contact if you are experiencing issues with your locker.

  • Study Locations
    Review this list to find the places in the law school that are designated study spaces for law students, as well as other places on campus.
  • University Lifebook
    The Lifebook covers BU’s non-academic policies—everything from the rules of the residences and replacing a Terrier Card to your privacy rights and records, as well as BU’s policies related to alcohol, hazing, weapons, and sexual misconduct.
  • Memo on Plagiarism
    The School of Law’s Disciplinary Regulations prohibit plagiarism in work submitted for a course, employment, or in the course of other activities. This applies to drafts of papers as well. If a student is found to have committed plagiarism, it can result in suspension or expulsion from the School, plus lead to difficulties in being admitted to practice law. Every student is responsible for reading the memo.
  • Dean’s Fund for Student Conference Participation
    Student Affairs, at the Dean’s direction, administers a limited financial fund for currently-enrolled BU Law students to support conference expenses and associated travel when a BU Law student is presenting academic work; participating in training that furthers the student’s academic or leadership experience; or is otherwise learning about a topic that will benefit a group or others at the School of Law. This fund may not be used for travel or lodging due to travel restrictions in place as part of the University’s COVID-19 mitigation efforts. Please review the complete policy available here, and follow the instructions therein to submit a proposal when applicable. NOTE: the Student Conference Travel Fund is now closed for the 2020-2021 school year. It will reopen for applications in September 2021. If students have questions, please contact Student Affairs at