Welcome, all.

Boston University School of Law has offered legal education to all qualified students without regard to race, gender, or religion since 1872. This tradition continues today though a strong system of support and mentorship.

Read the full Boston University Statement on Diversity.

Dedicated Staff Support

Our Associate Director for Diversity & Inclusion works closely with affinity groups and individual students to make sure that all communities are supported and have opportunities to advocate for their needs.

Our Associate Director for Academic Enrichment is responsible for the development, implementation, and assessment of academic and bar support programs for students at the school.

Community and Inclusion Committee

The Committee has been formed to strengthen BU Law’s commitment to being an inclusive and diverse community in which critical topics can be discussed from many perspectives civilly and respectfully. The committee includes faculty, staff and students.

Signature Programs

Campus Climate Survey

BU Law administers a Campus Climate Survey from late February to mid-March to assess our students’ experience of the School of Law as an open, inclusive and dynamic learning community.  It is BU Law’s mission to be a leader in the teaching and study of law and its related disciplines. As such, we are committed to fostering a community where all students feel respected, valued, and empowered to attain the highest levels of academic success.