The Student Affairs Office wants to ensure that you succeed by offering workshops throughout the year that address common issues of law school life. No matter what your grades are or how well you feel you’re doing in school, there’s something for every student in the Academic Enhancement Program.

These workshops, which have been designed by Student Affairs staff specifically for BU Law students, are about the tangible changes you can make outside the classroom to improve your class work, study habits, and overall well-being during the stressful years of law school.

Academic Enrichment Program

Law school is a unique academic pursuit.  The BU Law community wants to support you on your path to the legal profession through the Academic Enrichment Program.  Beginning in Orientation and throughout your career at BU Law, this program is designed to help students understand how best to get the most out of class, succeed on exams, prepare for the bar exam, and thrive in practice.  No matter what your grades or how well you feel you are doing, there’s something for every student in the Academic Enrichment Program.

The Science of Studying Law

While recognizing that the study of law is unique, the Academic Enrichment Program will be informed by other disciplines, including Neurobiology and Educational Psychology.  Though the law has been taught in largely the same way for a very long time, our understanding of our brains and how we best learn has evolved rapidly in recent years.  While the components of the Program will focus on exercises and skills relevant to designing your study habits, the foundation of the advice you will receive can be found in practice, experience, and numerous scientific studies.

Friday Fundamentals

Friday Fundamentals is an optional course designed to help students understand, find and personalize best practices in studying that will help to succeed in law school, on the bar exam and beyond.  The program will incorporate perspectives of upper class students, faculty and attorneys in order to provide examples of various methods of study and practice that will help to guide you in finding the habits that work best for you.  Students will have the opportunity to engage in formative assessment exercises through the academic enrichment program that will assist in understanding how best to prepare for finals.  Through a series of lectures, discussions and exercises, Friday Fundamentals will work towards the following objectives:

  • To identify and personalize study techniques that will optimize performance during your law  school career, on the bar and in legal practice.
  • To engage self-assessment and self-regulation while in order to produce the strongest legal analysis possible.
  • To set expectations, organize material and time in a way that promotes efficiency in studying and practicing the law.
  • To practice wellness and balance in a way that supports mental health, wellness and academic success.

The course is designed to help students through the lifecycle of a doctrinal course, and will cover topics including:

  • How to prepare for class
  • How to brief a case
  • How to get the most out of lectures
  • How to organize material
  • Outlining
  • Getting the most out of practice exams
  • Getting feedback from professors
  • Self-Testing
  • Preparing for Finals
  • Time Management during the semester
  • Time Management during an exam
  • Managing cognitive load

Friday Fundamentals will continue in the spring semester and build on the concepts learned.  In addition, the course will help students understand their first semester grades, including tips on how best to get feedback from faculty as well as advice on how or whether to adjust course academically.

Academic Enrichment Program – Spring Semester

For those students whose fall semester grades do not reflect the ability they showed in class discussions, a small seminar will be available by invitation.  This optional, ungraded program will explore common obstacles and provide sample solutions while tailoring to the needs of each individual student.  This course is designed to help struggling students understand how to spend their studying time most efficiently and how to better reach their potential.

Individual Counseling

In addition to the above listed Academic Enrichment sessions, each student may sign up for individual appointments with the Associate Director of Academic Enrichment for personalized coaching and counseling.  The ideal number of meetings is five each semester (the first for 60 minutes, and subsequent sessions for 30 minutes).  The Associate Director for Academic Enrichment will work to understand the strengths, habits and challenges of each student to create a personalized plan designed to lead to student success.  Based on her extensive experience from practicing and teaching the law, individual counseling from the Associate Director will empower students to create habits that will serve them well throughout their career in the law. If you’d like to make an appointment at any time, please visit this link.

Reference Materials

Each enrolled student will have access to the password protected Blackboard site for the Academic Enrichment Program, which will include links to recordings of each sessions, exercises and model answers, and studies and data that support the methods described.