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To review the course requirements, please see the Degree Requirements. Typically, students take two courses plus the colloquium at a residential session to maximize their course load in a given session. If you have any questions regarding a class or would like assistance with planning your academic course of study, please contact Should your plans change after you submit a registration form, please submit another registration form with your updated course selections prior to the applicable registration deadline.

Registration Deadlines*

  • Spring Online: January 3, 2019
  • Summer 1: April 30, 2019
  • Summer 2: June 30, 2019
  • Fall Online: August 25, 2019

Course Withdrawal Deadlines**

The Executive LLM now follows the law school’s tuition and fees withdrawal schedule. Please see below for additional details.

Executive LLM Course Registration Form

* Please note that depending on your geographic location, waiting until the deadline to register for a course may affect your ability to order and receive the necessary course materials by the first day of class. If you suspect that shipping times to your location will require additional time, we recommend ordering the course materials as early as possible. Please consult the Booklist for course material information.

** The ELLM follows the law school’s tuition and fees refund schedule. Any waiver of the tuition and fees refund schedule must be approved by the University Service Center. Please be advised that for residential courses, if you drop a course after the registration deadline, you may still incur hotel charges in the event that the ELLM program is unable to obtain a full refund from a previously made reservation on your behalf. For courses taken outside of the ELLM, the department policy of the program offering the course will dictate the tuition and fees refund schedule.