Tax LLM Candidates

The Tax LLM job search is a very individualized search, as candidates’ career goals, in terms of geography, practice setting, and tax practice area, vary widely. Similarly, LLM students come from diverse backgrounds with respect to their pre-LLM academic and professional experience. Foreign-trained students in the Graduate Tax Program should also consult the other professional development resources for overall professional development advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Director of the Graduate Tax Program and the dedicated Tax LLM Career Advisor—both former practicing attorneys—work with each GTP student individually to prepare a job search plan that meets his or her needs. Other services include:

  • One on one advising appointments to discuss career options and tailored job search strategy.  To make an advising appointment, email or call 617.353.3105.
  • Review of resumes, cover letters, and business correspondence.
  • Panels featuring Tax LLM alumni and employers of Tax LLM graduates.
  • Off campus visits to tax employers in the Boston area, including KPMG, Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and RSM.
  • Mock interviews and networking opportunities.
  • The Tax Attorney Recruiting Event (TARE), an elite consortium interview program held in Washington, DC where GTP students are selected to interview with tax employers nationwide. The majority of positions recruited through TARE are with large accounting firms.
  • Online job and internship listings for tax related positions on our Symplicity site, online research resources, and comprehensive handbooks.

Students obtain a graduate degree for a variety of reasons and your individual background will determine, in part, the level of opportunity available to you following the completion of the Graduate Tax Program.  Once you begin your studies, the Director of the Graduate Tax Program and LLM Career Adviser are available to help assess your goals and strengths, and to develop an individualized job search strategy. The LLM degree opens doors for many students but cannot be counted on completely to change one’s background. Individual factors such as your JD institution, prior experience, and academic performance, along with your professional goals (such as practice setting and geographic region) and the current job market, will all play a role in the LLM job search.

Most full-time Tax LLM students obtain positions in the spring semester.  Tax employers prefer to evaluate candidates after they have completed one semester of Tax LLM coursework. The most commonly reported months for LLM job offers are March and April. For many students, the job search will not be limited to the fall or spring seasons, but will involve year-round effort on the part of the student and may extend beyond the completion of the LLM program.

Each class in the Graduate Tax Program is very diverse in terms of academic and professional background. Employers typically look at a range of factors when considering an LLM candidate, including:

  • LLM grades
  • Performance in JD program (including in Tax related coursework)
  • Demonstrated interest in tax law (through coursework, professional experience, etc.)
  • Prior legal work experience
  • Relevant non-legal work experience
  • Undergraduate degree (if relevant)
  • Interviewing skills

Part-time students in the online program who have completed 12 credits of Tax LLM coursework are eligible to set up job search advising meetings (held by telephone) with the Director of the Graduate Tax Program and the LLM Career Advisor. Part-time and full-time online students are also eligible to participate in the Tax Attorney Recruiting Event during the final year of their Tax LLM studies.