Research and writing skills are among the most important skills for lawyers to master. Aspiring lawyers also need to develop the ability to counsel clients, work on a team, spot issues and problem solve. To help you develop these skills, BU Law offers an integrated, multi-year lawyering skills and writing program.

All first-year students are enrolled in BU Law’s Lawyering Program, in small Lawyering Skills classes where you receive individual attention. As part of the Lawyering Program, you will participate in the Lawyering Lab during the first week of your second semester, and in the J. Newton Esdaile Appellate Moot Court Program later in the spring semester. In the Lawyering Lab, you will learn how to structure and negotiate an agreement between two companies. In the Esdaile Moot Court Program, you will research and draft a brief, and present a case in oral argument before a panel of moot court judges made up of students, lawyers, and faculty. The process of brief writing is a critical component of the program because it teaches you to research an issue thoroughly, write a persuasive document, and orally defend your position, skills that all lawyers use in practice.

Lawyering Fellows are one of the most important resources available to first-year students. Fellows attend twice-weekly seminars and meet with students regularly to discuss each writing assignment. Besides helping students with their assignments and first-year moot court, Fellows can help first-year students with the more general challenges of the first year of law school.

In your second and third years, you may take advantage of the upper class, advanced writing program. These courses provide you with opportunities to sharpen the legal writing skills acquired in the first year. You can also participate in BU Law’s Appellate Advocacy Competitions, which can help you further develop your written and oral advocacy skills, and in the Trial Advocacy Program, which provides you with an introduction to the trial process and the skills needed by trial lawyers.