The study of law increasingly is informed by an understanding of other disciplines, such as management or public health. BU Law offers 17 dual degree programs with other graduate schools at Boston University and at several international universities, as well as through its own LLM programs. These programs enable students to receive two degrees in less time than it would take if the degrees were pursued separately.

Programs within Boston University

Programs with international universities

NOTE: Students who wish to apply to the JD degree credits for a non-law, graduate-level course at Boston University must register for the course at the other BU school or department, AND must fill out a paper add form in the School of Law Registrar’s Office by the end of the add/drop period! (This is necessary because our registration system is separate from the University’s; thus, you cannot register for an outside course or add it to your LAW schedule on the web). Please check with the LAW Registrar’s Office how many LAW credits we may grant for an outside course consistent with ABA accreditation requirements.