Courses Satisfying Requirement 2017-2018

Updated 4/24/2017

For the Class of 2018 ONLY. For students in the Class of 2019 and after, please refer to the Experiential Learning requirement page. Courses that count toward the Professional Skills requirement may not count toward the 6 credit Experiential Learning requirement.

The courses listed below will satisfy the Law School’s requirement that each student take at least one course that offers substantial instruction in professional skills. Please remember that not every one of these courses focuses primarily on skills instruction. Some do, but some do not.

Clinical Programs:

Africa i-Parliaments Clinic
Civil Litigation Program
Criminal Clinical Program
Entrepreneurship & IP Clinic
Environmental Law Practicum
Human Trafficking Clinic
Immigrants’ Rights Clinic
International Human Rights Clinic
Legislative Drafting & Policy Clinic
Technology & Cyberlaw Clinic
Wrongful Convictions Clinic

Courses and Seminars:
The following courses and seminars are predominantly experiential.

Administrative Law Research*
Advanced Legal Research
Adv. Legal Writing and Editing (S)
Advanced Trial Practice (S)
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Anatomy of a Mass Tort (S) *
Appellate Advocacy Program Director
Banking and Financial Law Research *
Bankruptcy Practice (S) *
Business Immigration
Client Counseling (S)
Complex Litigation (S)
Compliance & Risk Management *
Contract Drafting
Corporate Governance: Current Trends
Criminal Motion Practice and Advocacy
Discovery: Theory and Practice (S) *
E-discovery Law & Practice *
Effective & Ethical Depositions (S)
Federal Civil Practice (S)
Health Care Transactions (S)
Health Law Research
Intellectual Property Law Research
International and Comparative Law Research
International Business Agreements (S)
International Development & Project Finance (S)
Judicial Writing (S)
Juvenile Delinquency (S)
Legal Writing for Civil Litigation (S)
Licensing Law & Practice Workshop (S) *
Mediation: Theory and Practice (S)
Negotiated M&A (S) *
Patent Prosecution (S)
Persuasive Writing (S)
Private Equity & Venture Capital Transactions (S)
Representing Life Sciences Companies (S)
Securities Law Research *
Securitization *
Tax Law Research *
Trade Secrets & Restrictive Covenants
Transaction Simulation: Acquisition of Urban Real Estate for Major Commercial Re-Development
Transaction Simulation: Auction and Sale of a Private Company
Transaction Simulation: Forming & Financing a Start-Up Business
Transaction Simulation: Sale of a Family Business and Related Real Estate
Transaction Simulation: Structuring and Negotiating an International Business Collaboration
Trial Advocacy
Trial Advocacy (Advanced)
Writing Supplement to Family Law
Writing Supplement to Trusts, Wills & Basic Estate Planning

* Not offered 2017-2018