Selecting your second- and third-year courses.

There is no single ‘correct’ strategy or philosophy for selecting courses. Factors to consider include: BU Law’s academic requirements; state bar exam requirements; whether you would benefit from experiential (“hands-on” and skills-based) learning; whether you prefer smaller seminars with more class discussion and writing assignments; your substantive legal interests; and your career goals. You may also want to take one or two elective courses on a credit/no-credit/honors basis.

A good place to start  your course planning is the BU Graduation Requirements Worksheet, which will help you figure out which courses to take to satisfy the basic requirements for your JD degree including:

Be sure to review the general course selection advice from the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, who puts together the curriculum each year. Faculty have also drafted course selection guides for students interested in particular areas of law. And the Course and Teacher Evaluations will give you insights into the classes and professors that you are considering.

Please view the JD Student Handbook (which includes the Law Academic Regulations) for all requirements and law policies. It’s also a good idea to participate in the Faculty Connections Program, where you will be assigned a faculty mentor to assist you with academic advising. You will have many academic options to consider, including: