Work-Study is a federally funded financial aid program that assists students in meeting their educational expenses while gaining valuable work experience.

Students at BU Law who demonstrate eligibility and financial need are employed under the Federal Work-Study Program in positions such as faculty research assistants, library assistants, and in some off-campus positions (many of which are law-related).

The work-study award is not a traditional “grant.” Students receive the funds they have been awarded as they earn them, in the form of a weekly paycheck. Because work-study is a federal financial aid program, recipients must be US Citizens or Permanent Residents and must file the FAFSA.

In order to use Federal Work-Study funds, the employer must be willing to pay a percentage of the student’s hourly wage. For on-campus positions, employers must pay 30%. For off-campus positions, employers must pay 50%.

Academic Year Work-Study

In order to be considered for work-study students must complete the following:

Please note that academic year work-study must be included in the total amount of financial aid received, not to exceed the Student Budget, and therefore may reduce eligibility for loans.

Summer Work-Study

Students interested in a summer work-study award must submit an application in late January/early February and file the FAFSA. The Summer Work-Study Application is available online and at the Law Financial Aid Office.

Students who have been awarded summer work-study should review SWS Fact Sheet & Important Dates. Additional information and required forms can be found at the Student Employment Office website.

The Student Employment Office produces an online job directory that contains on- and off-campus positions. The directory will be available on the Student Link.

The Public Interest Project requires that all students applying for PIP Grants apply for summer work-study. A work-study award covers a portion of a summer PIP Grant, which allows the Public Interest Project to assist more students with their own funds. The Public Interest Project Grant Application Packet may be found here.

Note: A Federal Work-Study award cannot be applied to unpaid internships or volunteer positions, the only exception being students receiving PIP Grants.