The Student Budget (or Cost of Attendance) is constructed to allow for standard education-related expenses that most students experience. The University appreciates that some students may have expenses that are higher than the standard budget.

We will work with you to determine if you have expenses that qualify according to federal regulations and University policy, but are not included in the standard budget. Please understand that the University is subject to the constraints imposed by the Department of Education in allowing expenses that meet the following criteria:

  • Directly related to the student’s education
  • Incurred during the academic year
  • Properly documented (receipt, invoice, lease, etc.)

Students should consult with the Law Financial Aid Office to determine whether or not the expense can be included in their budget. When practical, students are encouraged to speak with our office prior to incurring the expense.

The most common adjustments are for the following expenses:

  • Purchase of a computer (up to $2,500 during a student’s program of study, must be purchased after July 1 or during the academic year)
  • Boston University Student Health Insurance (additional documentation not required)
  • Child care expenses (e.g., day care while a student is in class)
  • Moving expenses (for 1Ls only)
  • Interviewing expenses (for 2Ls only)
  • Higher rent costs (must exceed amount in student budget; however, there is a $1,700 per month cap on adjustments we are able to make)
  • Additional costs for study abroad programs (e.g., airfare, higher living expenses)

Students must submit a written request to increase their student budget, along with documentation (Budget Increase Request Form, as well as appropriate receipts). The Law Financial Aid Office and the University will determine whether the cost may be added to a student’s budget.

Bar Expenses

Graduating students who are concerned about paying for bar review courses, bar exam fees, and living expenses while studying for the bar exam should read through our information on bar loans and/or talk to the Law Financial Aid Office about bar loans.

Bar loans are a specific type of educational loan offered by private lenders to assist with these post-graduation expenses.