Boston University School of Law

TX926 Exempt Organizations

TX 926 ( A1)  M 6:20 PM-8:10 PM 
2 cr., Fall 
Professor Doyle 
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This course examines the formation, organization, operation and tax aspects of tax-exempt entities including charitable organizations, private foundations and various other tax-exempt entities such as healthcare organizations, social clubs, business leagues, trade associations, fraternal organizations and arts organizations. The course will analyze the following topics: the rationale for federal tax-exempt status; general considerations in organizing tax-exempt entities, including selection of appropriate form and methods of obtaining and maintaining tax-exempt status; distinctions between non-profit and tax exempt status; income taxation of exempt organizations; structuring relationships with nonprofit affiliates and for profit business organizations; liability and responsibility of agents, officers and directors; prohibited transactions; the taxation of unrelated business taxable income; private benefit/private inurement; intermediate sanctions; fundraising; political activities; and considerations in acquisitions, mergers and liquidations of exempt organizations. Pre or Co-Requisite: Federal Income Tax I