Boston University School of Law

LW850 Legal Strategies to Reduce Health Risks

LW 850 ( A1)  W 2:00 PM-4:45 PM 
4 cr., Spring 
Professor Mariner 
No Class Website

This research seminar offers a systematic framework for determining when and how to use law to prevent or control health risks posed by diseases, bioterrorism, consumer products, personal behavior, and occupational hazards. Students will analyze and compare the suitability different legal strategies, such as criminal and civil prohibitions, isolation and quarantine, licensure, mandatory product standards, tort liability, disclosure requirements, and advertising restrictions. Emphasis is on the legal requirements for initiating and enforcing specific federal and state regulatory methods, their effectiveness, and differences between regulating personal behavior and commercial entities. Students will conduct guided research to develop a legal strategy to address a contemporary health risk.


REMINDER: This is an SPH course. Students cannot register through WebReg. Students who register for the class and want law credit must add the course to their law transcript by completing an add form at the Law Registrar's Office before the end of the add/drop period for that semester.

NOTE: The LAW credit equivalent will be determined by the Registrar's Office. The course and grade will appear on the transcript, however the grade is not factored into the law g.p.a