Professional Responsibility


This course offers an approach to the lawyer's responsibilities to clients, the profession, and the public. Topics addressed will be problems of disclosure, conflict of interest, advertising, adversary tactics, competence, attorney fees, and fiduciary duties. NOTE: This course satisfies the upper-class Professional Responsibility requirement. GRADING NOTICE: This course does not offer the CR/NC/H option.
Fall 2017: LAW JD 984 , Sep 5th to Dec 7th 2017
A1Stephen M. Donweber3Mon,Wed2:15 pm - 3:40 pm
Spring 2018: LAW JD 984 , Jan 17th to Apr 25th 2018
M1Nancy J. Moore3Mon,Wed2:30 pm - 3:55 pm
Spring 2018: LAW JD 984 , Jan 16th to Apr 24th 2018
P1Mark Pettit3Tue,Thu10:45 am - 12:10 pm