International Business Deals for LLMs


This seminar focuses on the "best practice" strategies an international lawyer can employ in order to efficiently navigate his or her clients through the complexities of the typical transaction lifecycle. Each step in the lifecycle (including initial term sheet negotiations, due diligence, regulatory and third party approvals, definitive agreement negotiations, closing mechanics, and other key steps) will be analyzed, with an emphasis on underlying business principles that are common across different jurisdictions (e.g. U.S., U.K/Australia, EU/civil law countries, Africa, India, China, Japan, Asia-Pacific and other jurisdictions). Case studies (involving real-life M&A, JV, franchising/licensing and other transactions) will be used to demonstrate the strengths and weakness of common strategies employed by law firm, in-house and other transactional lawyers. Grades will be based on class participation and a final paper where students, based on their course learnings, advocate for their own "best practice" strategy to international business transactions. Enrollment is limited to LL.M. in American Law Program students. Corporations and Contracts are pre-requisites or co-requisites, unless otherwise waived by the instructor.
Spring 2018: LAW JD 979 , Jan 18th to Apr 19th 2018
A1Sidd Pattanayak3Thu6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Spring 2018: LAW JD 979 , Jan 22nd to Apr 23rd 2018
B1Staff3Mon6:30 pm - 8:30 pm