Copyright Policy, Rhetoric & Rights (S)


The seminar examines why law might give authors limited rights to control uses that other people make of their work, and how such rights can or should be cabined by the public's right of free speech. We will examine how IP policy arguments are structured, focusing on Locke's theory of property and economic explanations of law. The seminar will also analyze how both "rights theory" and constitutional law doctrine treat collisions between private property rights and public civil rights. Assignments will include several short papers, as well as oral and written exercises. A limited number of third-year students may satisfy the Upper-class Writing Requirement. Second-year students wishing to write cert papers may be given the option of doing an independent study in the Spring term. No prerequisites are necessary, but you will enjoy the course most if you have taken copyright, trademark, or the intellectual property survey. ** A student who fails to attend the initial meeting of a seminar, or to obtain permission to be absent from either the instructor or the Registrar, will be administratively dropped from the seminar. Students who waitlist for a seminar are required to attend the first seminar meeting to be considered for enrollment.
Fall 2017: LAW JD 929 , Sep 6th to Dec 6th 2017
A1Wendy J. Gordon3Wed10:40 am - 12:40 pm