Constitution & Foreign Affairs (S)


This seminar will examine how the constitution is implicated in U.S. foreign affairs. We shall begin by reviewing the main theories of foreign affairs: idealism, realism, multilateralism, bilateralism and more. Then and throughout the seminar we shall attempt to understand how these theories are manifested in American constitutional law. We shall ask how the structure and substance of the constitution of the United States affect the national decision making process concerning foreign policy. We shall address matters of international business, war and peace, federalism, human rights, freedom of expression and more. The respective powers of the executive and legislative branches, the power of the senate vs. the president and the Senate vs. the House of Representatives will be examined. We shall emphasize judicial opinions, but also look at other materials. ** A student who fails to attend the initial meeting of a seminar (designated by an (S) in the title), or to obtain permission to be absent from either the instructor or the Registrar, may be administratively dropped from the seminar. Students who are on a wait list for a seminar are required to attend the first seminar meeting to be considered for enrollment.**