Corporate Counsel Externship Seminar


This CLASS IS RESTRICTED to students who have received permission from the Office of Experiential Education to enroll. This is a 2-credit graded seminar for those students doing fieldwork in Corporate Counsel offices that meets every week for 1.5 hours. The seminar will cover a range of topics and competencies essential to legal practice in the corporate counsel offices of corporations, such as the modern role of in-house counsel; representing and becoming a trusted advisor to the internal corporate client; upholding confidentiality and ethical standards; learning the client's business; communicating effectively in a business setting; collaborating with others; and solving problems to further the client's strategic objectives. To maximize the students' growth over the semester, the seminar will also teach students how lawyers learn from practice, build strong supervisory relationships, reflect and self-assess, and set and measure progress on professional development goals. Students will write reflective papers, make oral presentations, and complete other work as required by the instructor. NOTE: Students who enroll in this externship may count the credits towards the 6 credit Experiential Learning requirement.
Fall 2017: LAW JD 896 , Sep 5th to Dec 5th 2017
A1Cecily Banks2Tue4:30 pm - 6:00 pmLAW417
Spring 2018: LAW JD 896 , Jan 16th to Apr 24th 2018
B1Cecily Banks2Tue4:30 pm - 6:00 pmLAW513