National Security Law


This course will introduce the framework of constitutional, statutory, and international law that both authorizes and constrains the conduct of U.S. national security policy. After studying the constitutional allocation of foreign affairs powers among the branches of government and the foundations of the national security apparatus in the United States, the course will turn to selected topics of contemporary relevance, including but not limited to counter-terrorism policy. Specific topics will include the role of international law in the U.S. legal system; intelligence methods, data gathering, and surveillance; covert action; domestic and international law governing recourse to force and the conduct of hostilities; the detention, interrogation, and trial, before courts and military commissions, of unprivileged belligerents and other terrorism suspects; debates over extraordinary rendition and torture; and the protection of individual liberties and civil rights in wartime. GRADING NOTICE: This class does not offer the CR/NC/H option.
Fall 2017: LAW JD 890 , Sep 5th to Dec 7th 2017
A1Robert D. Sloane3Tue,Thu4:20 pm - 5:45 pmLAW413