Trusts, Wills & Basic Estate Planning


Examination of the rules governing intestate and testate distribution of property including formal requirements governing execution, alteration and revocation of wills; requisite elements of express trusts and requirements for their creation; resulting trusts and constructive trusts; special rules relating to charitable trusts and spendthrift trusts; rules concerning construction of wills and trusts; and general rules governing administration of decedents' estates and trusts. NOTE: For Professor Tritt's fall section, short drafting assignments will be distributed throughout the semester. A special one-credit drafting supplement may be arranged for a small number of students to work with an adjunct instructor on longer drafting projects. (See Writing Supplements description below.)
A1Lee-Ford Tritt4MW2:10 pm - 4:10 pmLAW103
H1Ilana Hurwitz4TR10:40 am - 12:40 pmLAW101