Election Law


This course examines the law that organizes democratic processes of election and decision-making. After considering the historical struggle for minority enfranchisement and the Supreme Court's first forays into redistricting and reapportionment, we move to more contemporary topics. Among those topics are campaign-finance law (with special attention to the recent Citizens United decision), the connection of race and political participation under the Voting Rights Act, the Supreme Court's decision in Bush v. Gore, the constitutional role and rights of political parties (which the Constitution's framers omitted from mention and distrusted as "factions"), and the constitutionality of partisan and bipartisan gerrymandering. A take-home examination and active participation in class discussion are required.
Spring 2018: LAW JD 825 , Jan 16th to Apr 24th 2018
A1Hugh W. Baxter3Tue,Thu2:30 pm - 3:55 pm