Transaction Simulation: Int'l Business Collaboration


This course is one of the semester-long transaction simulations offered as part of the School's Transactional Law Program and satisfies the Transactional Simulation requirement of the Transactional Practice Concentration. The simulated transaction involves two companies, one a large U.S.-based pharmaceutical company, and the other an African company majority owned by the government. The two companies are interested in working together to produce and commercialize a plant-based product which may be effective in treating, and possibly even preventing, arthritis. The pharmaceutical company has developed and patented a process to extract the active ingredient from the plant which is available in ample supply from the African company. The form of their collaboration could be a joint venture, a licensing agreement or a long term supply contract. For much of the course, the class will be divided into two teams, with each team representing one of the parties to the potential transaction. Negotiations between the two teams will take place through written exchanges and real-time negotiation. The course provides students with an opportunity to gain insight into the dynamics of negotiating and structuring business transactions, to learn about the role that lawyers, law and business play in these negotiations, and to develop experience in drafting communications and actual negotiations. Students will also learn about the legal and business issues that may arise in joint ventures, supply agreements and licensing agreements, particularly in an international transaction. CLASS SIZE: Limited to 12 students (6 JD and 6 LLM). PREREQUISITE OR COREQUISITE: Corporations. NOTES: This course does not satisfy the Upper-class Writing Requirement. This course satisfies the Upper-Class Professional Skills Requirement. RESTRICTIONS: During their time at BU Law, students may take only one Transaction Simulation course offered as part of the Transactional Law Program. GRADING NOTICE: This course does not offer the CR/NC/H option. ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENT: A student who fails to attend the first class and does not obtain permission to be absent from either the Instructor or the Registrar will be administratively dropped from the class. Students who are on the wait list for the class are required to attend the first meeting to be considered for enrollment.
A1Stephen J. Doyle3T6:30 pm - 8:30 pmLAW519