Judicial Externship: Judicial Process Seminar


The Judicial Externship is a one-semester clinical program. Students are required to apply and be accepted to the program before they may register. In this seminar, which is the class component for the Judicial Externship Program, we will discuss several issues related to the roles of the judge and judicial intern. We will discuss issues of confidentiality and ethical considerations applicable to judges and to interns and law clerks. We also will explore the differences between trial and appellate courts, which set the parameters within which judges make decisions. Students will receive advanced instruction in legal research and writing applicable to their placements. We will discuss examples of effective and ineffective lawyering that interns observe in their placements. We also will focus on the legal and philosophical foundations of judicial decision-making, and how those influence decisions. Finally, we will discuss specialty courts, and processes that judges use to help parties resolve disputes, such as mediation and settlement. Students will be required to write regular journals and a 15 page final paper. Students may be required to do a class presentation. There will be no final exam but students will be evaluated on their final paper, journals, class participation, and class presentation. COREQUISITE: Judicial Externship/Fieldwork (JD 735). GRADING NOTICE: This class does not offer the CR/NC/H option.
Fall 2016: LAW JD 736 , Sep 7th to Dec 7th 2016
A1Sean J. Kealy3Wed4:20 pm - 6:20 pm
Spring 2017: LAW JD 736 , Jan 17th to Apr 25th 2017
B1Selena Fitanides3Tue5:30 pm - 7:30 pm