Boston University School of Law

JD965 Trust and Honesty in Law, Business and Public Policy (S)


This is a Seminar for law and graduate business students, in which students of both disciplines teach, and negotiate with each other in the context of real-life situations. The Seminar offers an opportunity for students of both disciplines to learn together the approach of each other's discipline and environment. The teaching book, which Frankel and Fagan wrote, contains nine real-life cases (modeled after business-school format) in which law, trust, and honesty, were ignored with catastrophic results. The modules contain a role-play in which students would negotiate the contracts, control mechanisms, or other measures to avoid future disastrous results. The Seminar focuses on the nature of the particular businesses, the culture of the organizations and management, and the applicable laws. It emphasizes the approach in each discipline in seeking solutions to the problems. NOTE: This seminar satisfies the upper-class professional skills requirement.