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JD924 Legal Externship Program: Fieldwork (C)

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Var cr., Fall 
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Var cr., Spring 
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The Legal Externship Program is a one semester clinical program where students work for credit at a public interest, for profit company, judicial or government organization. Through the program, students gain hands-on legal experience under the supervision of practitioners who are experts in their fields. Students receive variable credits (pass/fail) for the fieldwork component of the externship, determined as follows: 3 credits = 150 hours total; 4 credits = 200 hours total; and 5 credits = 250 hours total. The student's schedule and hours are determined in consulation with the placement supervisors. Some placements require 250 hours. The fieldwork begins the first week of classes and students work through the last week of classes. Students may not begin the fieldwork before the semester begins. Upon acceptance, Professor Lois Knight works with students to identify suitable field placements depending on each student's individual interests and career goals. Once possible placement organizations are identified, students are responsible for applying to those organizations. Although there are no formal prequisites, some classes are highly recommended. For any litigation-based placement, you should have taken Evidence. For any criminal placement, in particular the criminal division of the US Attorney's Office, you should have taken Criminal Procedure. Additionally, you should take any other substantive law class that will help you understand the law related to your placement. For example, if you want to work at an environmental placement, you should take an environmental law class. COREQUISITE: Legal Externship Program: Legal Ethics (JD 925).