Boston University School of Law

JD890 National Security Law

JD 890 ( A1)  MW 4:20 PM-5:45 PM 
3 cr., Spring 
Professor Sloane 
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This course will examine the framework of constitutional, statutory, and international law that both authorizes and constrains the conduct of U.S. national security policy at home and abroad. Topics will include the respective constitutional powers and roles of each governmental branch in the realm of national security; domestic authority governing the use of force and limits on the conduct of hostilities; covert action; selected counterterrorism issues, with a focus on the detention, interrogation, treatment, and trial, before courts or military tribunals, of alleged unprivileged belligerent and terrorism suspects; domestic use of the military; individual liberties and civil rights in wartime; intelligence and surveillance activities; and extraterritorial application of the Constitution.