Boston University School of Law

JD849 Trial Evidence


The new trial lawyer faces a daunting challenge; how to "master" the rules of evidence sufficiently well to effectively meet the tactical and strategic challenges of the trial. The rules of evidence, some of which are unwritten, are difficult to understand until experienced in a trial setting. This on-your-feet course provides that experience. This is a practical introduction to evidence which equips one with a high level of proficiency in evidentiary advocacy procedures - the mechanics of arguing evidentiary issues - as well as a working knowledge and comfort level with evidentiary rules and concepts that trial lawyers frequently encounter. You will conduct a large number of witness examinations and other evidentiary exercises. A basic evidence course is a prerequisite for Trial Evidence, but the learn by doing approach utilized is distinct from that of a basic evidence course. This course, which seeks to foster strong communication skills modeled on the less formal school of advocacy, is an excellent complement to a trial advocacy class. NOTE: One class is held at the Suffolk Superior Court located at the Suffolk County Courthouse at Three Pemberton Square. PREREQUISITE: EVIDENCE. NOTE: This course satisfies the upper-class professional skills requirement.