Boston University School of Law

JD764 Health Law Externship Seminar

JD 764 ( A1)  W 5:30 PM-6:30 PM 
1 cr., Spring 
Professor Moulton 
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The Health Law Externship is a one semester clinical program where students work for credit at a non-profit health care organization. Students are required to apply and be accepted to the program before they may register. An integral part of the externship is a one hour weekly seminar examining various health law issues as well as the challenges of working in a non profit environment. The first meeting will orient you to the program; subsequent meetings will discuss the assigned readings in light of your experiences in the externship. The seminar requires students to write a paper and make a class presentation. In addition, each student keeps a weekly journal chronicling their educational experience and reactions to the practice of law observed at the field placements. COREQUISITE: Health Law Externship Program: Fieldwork (JD 762). NOTE: The Health Law Externship does not satisfy the professional responsibility requirement.