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JD735 Judicial Externship: Fieldwork (C)

JD 735 ( A1)  ARR - 
Var cr., Fall 
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JD 735 ( B1)  ARR - 
Var cr., Spring 
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The Judicial Externship is a one-semester clinical program. Students are required to apply and be accepted to the program before they may register. Through the Judicial Externship Program, you may work part-time for credit for a judge in the state or federal court system. As a judicial intern, you will work on assignments typically handled during a post-graduate clerkship. You will spend 16-20 hrs./wk. at your field placement, earning 4-5 ungraded credits. COREQUISITE: Judicial Externship: Judicial Process Seminar (JD 736). NOTE: This clinic satisfies the upper-class professional skills requirement.