Boston University School of Law

JD717 Health Law Research

JD 717 ( A1)  W 2:10 PM-4:30 PM 
1 cr., Spring 
Professor Fegreus 
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Health law encompasses the engagement of the legal system with a large and dynamic segment of the U.S. economy. Students will learn to navigate the statutory and regulatory framework of health law, including research with case law, legislative history materials, and adjudications and guidance documents from federal health agencies. Students will become familiar with practice materials and premium databases beyond Lexis, Westlaw and Bloomberg. Classes will combine instruction and hands-on exercises using major print, electronic, and web-based resources for health law research. Students will be required to complete several assignments using electronic and print resources. NOTE: This seminar satisfies the Upper-class Professional Skills requirement. NOTE: Students may not add this course after the first class has been held. This course meets from 1/20/2016 to 2/24/2016.