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Boston University School of Law

BK991 Commercial Lending


This course studies the legal problems involved in documenting various types of financing transactions ranging from short-term unsecured loans which are based on the borrower's general credit to long-term, asset-based financings in which the lender does not have recourse to the borrower's general assets. The documentation process is followed from the preparation of the initial term sheet through the rendering of legal opinions at closing. The major aspects of a loan agreement, specifically representations and warranties, lending provisions, closing conditions, pricing, covenants, and defaults, are studied in detail in an effort to insure that each student understands the mechanics of a financing transaction. The special legal problems involved in inventory and receivables financing, project financing, construction credits, and leasing transactions are highlighted. Subordination agreements, participation agreements, and other inter-creditor arrangements are discussed. The provisions of the Bank Holding Company Act that relate to financing transactions, bank legal lending limits, margin requirements, and usury are considered. A discussion format is employed to the extent feasible, and problems and illustrations are used to focus and encourage class participation. The grade is based on a final examination, class participation and a brief analytical paper.