Boston University School of Law

March 25, 2011

BU Law Graduates Land Top Jobs


The School of Law ranks among the nation’s best when it comes to graduates landing jobs at top law firms, according to two recently-released sets of rahere'nkings.

The National Law Journal ranked Boston University as the 17th-best law school by percentage of graduating class landing jobs at Big Law firms (defined as the 250 largest law firms in the country) while US News & World Report had BU at 18th in their first-ever ranking of law schools by hiring officials at the country’s top law firms. The US News survey was sent to 750 hiring partners and recruiters at law firms who made their 2010 Best Law Firms ranking.

The National Law Journal survey reported that 30 percent of BU Law's graduating class landed jobs at the top 250 law firms.

The US News ranking rated each school on an Average Reputation Score (with top 750 law firms), with a score of 5.0 being the highest. BU produced a score of 4.1, tied for 18th in the country with seven other schools and just ahead of Boston College, ranked 25th with a score of 4.0. These scores are strictly reputational in nature based upon the assessment by recruiting professionals of each school’s academic quality.

While each of these rankings do not consider other factors such as professor ratings, diversity, or any other measure that factors into overall law school rankings, they bode well for Boston University graduates in landing top jobs at highly regarded law firms.

Reported by Gareth Goh

National Law Journal Rankings

US News & World Report Rankings

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