BU Law study abroad and transactional programs set foundation for job at firm

Brandon J. Middleton-Pratt

Brandon J. Middleton-Pratt ('12)

Brandon Middleton-Pratt (‘12), an asssociate in the corporate department of Boston-based law firm Goodwin Procter, largely attributes this opportunity to steps he took in his first year at BU Law, when he participated in a Goodwin Procter summer scholarship program geared toward public-interest work. Through his scholarship, Middleton-Pratt established early ties with the firm and gained an automatic callback for a summer associate position after his second year.

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Middleton-Pratt says building this rapport with the firm was integral to securing his current job. Acquainting himself with Goodwin Procter early on was “certainly advantageous in allowing me to have an opportunity after my second year,” he says. “Things went well during my second year, and fortunately I was given an opportunity to start after graduation.”

But Middleton-Pratt also credits his actual law school experience and other recent opportunities, including a range of international travel, as shaping the lawyer he is today. "The expansive study abroad program and BU Law’s emphasis on transactional work, in particular, were very attractive to me, and I did my best to take advantage of those opportunities. They laid a really strong foundation for a career as a transactional attorney."

Some of the highlights of his years at BU Law were his first-year professors. “Every year, [BU Law’s] faculty is ranked number one, number two, and I can say that my experience certainly supports that ranking,” he explains. “I…had an amazing slate of first-year professors, and to me that was a big part of my experience.”

Middleton-Pratt also “experimented” with internships at the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office and the UN Commission on International Trade Law in Vienna. And the position in Vienna, he says, went hand-in-hand with his BU Law study abroad experience at Oxford, whose timing gave him the chance to do both in half a year.

“One of the things that was very appealing about the Oxford program was that it runs from January to mid-March,” he says. “So, you get about 10 weeks at the end of that program to play with, and that’s exactly where I was able to fit the Vienna opportunity in.”

That is, Middleton-Pratt was able to participate in a rigorous international corporate law program at Oxford University, intern for the UN in Vienna and return to Boston to work at Goodwin Procter all within seven months in his second year of law school.

As for long-term plans, Middleton-Pratt says it’s all up in the air. “But I enjoy being in Boston,” he adds. “I like it here. It treats me well…I see myself being in Boston for some time to come.” Indeed, it was being in Boston—or, at least, the east coast—that initially drew Middleton-Pratt to BU Law.