Boston University School of Law

April 9, 2010

peltz with group

Working from the ground up: PIP grant recipient Adam Peltz (‘11) helps build community radio station in Ghana

Adam Peltz (‘11) spent his summer in 2009 interning at the Legal Resources Center, a legal NGO based in Accra, Ghana. There he worked on a UN-funded Right-to-Media project. He funded his trip with a Public Interest Project (PIP) grant. >>Hear Adam discuss his trip in below slideshow

“What we did was a very early stage of getting together maybe 50 people in the community to talk about what’s entailed in getting a community radio station,” says Peltz. The tasks, he says, included, “Working from the ground up, getting a building, getting land, buying equipment, and determining what sort of programming the community might be interested in having.”

Peltz is confident in the future of the station: “Over the two weeks people started to understand exactly what we were there for and started to take ownership of the's going apace and hopefully it'll be online within the next 18 months."

Reported and produced by Nora Dunne

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