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Sarah Saucedo

Sarah Saucedo

When she entered BU Law, Sarah Saucedo ('06) had no concrete picture of where she wanted to be five years after graduation. What she did have was a clear vision of who she was as a person, an understanding of what was important in her life, and a firm conviction that a legal career would be the best way to pursue her passion for international affairs.

One of the great aspects of BU Law was that no one ever tried to tell me that there was only one path toward my objectives, says Saucedo. Instead, faculty mentors like Professor Caruso and Professor Partan—along with the entire career development staff—helped me internalize my vision and understand the traditional steps I could take in that direction. They also encouraged me to seize new opportunities that greatly expanded my options.

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Five years out of BU Law, Saucedo has established a platform that enables her to be true to herself and satisfy her career ambitions. As a litigation associate in the Washington, D.C. office of the international law firm Winston & Strawn, she traveled regularly throughout Latin America as part of a team providing critical legal services to the Republic of Ecuador and its state-owned oil company PetroEcuador. That experience led Sarah to Hewlett Packard, where she now works on U.S. and Latin American government relations. It's a perfect fit for me, she notes.

It's really quite remarkable, Saucedo says, reflecting on her career thus far. I love what I've been doing, but I'm also convinced that I will continue to grow and learn more about myself throughout my career. In that sense, the road leads on. I can't wait to see what's around the next bend.