Boston University School of Law

July 5, 2007


Professor Stanley Fisher Named First Recipient of Law Faculty Public Service Award

Having spent nearly forty years in the BU Law community working towards the betterment of the criminal justice system, Professor Stanley Fisher was named the first recipient of the annual Boston University School of Law Faculty Public Service Award.

A Boston University Law professor since 1968, Fisher has worked as a juvenile defender, a public defender and a prosecutor, all while remaining a longtime proponent for reforms which help aid the wrongfully convicted. A founding member and participant of the New England Innocence Project, Fisher helps investigate claims of innocence by current prisoners and faulty identification procedures in the criminal justice system.

“Professor Fisher’s commitment to public service and mentoring of students sets the standard for this award,” said Maura Kelly, Associate Director of Career Development. “He comes from a generation of attorneys who believe that the practice of law cannot be separated from the pursuit of justice.”  

Honored in 2003 by the Massachusetts Committee for Public Counsel Services with their Thurgood Marshall Award, Professor Fisher has shown a career of dedication towards improving the nation’s judicial system. “Professor Fisher is a tenacious advocate for reforms that prevent wrongful convictions,” said Nick Beshara, a former research assistant.

The Public Service Committee, established in 2005, recognizes individuals who have made extraordinary strides in the fields of public service and pro bono work, particularly those in positions that motivate others. “Professor Fisher’s life reflects the best ideals of our profession,” Maura Kelly said. “Law students who work with Stan understand the depth of his commitment and expertise and cherish their experiences.”

Reported by Sara Gelston