Boston University School of Law

May 7, 2010

BU Law students and professors battle it out on the court –basketball, that is—in the spirit of public interest

bb group
The BU Law Dream Team

The April 22 BU Law basketball game was one of many auction items up for bid at this year’s Public Interest Project auction. Students won the chance to play in the student vs. faculty basketball game, organized by Professor Meurer. Proceeds from their winning bid are used to support BU Law students working in public interest jobs during the summer.

“The game was a blast and was well received by classmates in section C who came to watch," said event organizer Nick Korbas ('12). "Spectators were rowdy as professors dominated the students from Section C, and vice versa. Students were excited to square off against the professor team. They were most notably anxious to battle against Criminal Law Professor Gerry Leonard and Legislation Professor Abigail Montcrieff."

The highlights? Read more about the game from both sides of the court:

student quote

Event organizer Nick Korbas (12):

"The first half was tightly played by both sides, with the professors scoring first and taking the lead early. There were several lead changes throughout the first half, and it finished with the students ahead by five points (23-18).

. . .

The second half was a different story.

The students had 10 players on the team, substituting periodically with five in and five out. Our team's plan to wear down the much older professor team worked as they only had seven players. Right from the beginning of the second half, the student team had several fast breaks and stellar shooting.

Although the professors played well and were resilient, the second half was a blow out.

All participants were in good spirits and friendly banter continued through the end of the game. Although the students won, we were all impressed with the level of play from the professors."

faculty quote

Professor David Rossman:

"The game was close in the first half when the students were tentative in their play and the faculty still had the stamina to put their basketball skills on display.

. . .

In the second half, however, despite some questionable calls in their favor by Professor David Rossman, the referee, the faculty simply could not stop the barrage of student fast breaks.

Professor Gerry Leonard was a star for the faculty, showing off his nifty ball handling and ability to get off a jump shot with little room to spare.

Some say there was a Celtics scout in the audience, but that rumor could not be confirmed."

Final score: 55-30


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