External Relations Group

The External Relations Group (ERG) is a law school committee appointed by the Dean to:

  • Create a forum that gives stakeholders perspective on how their initiatives and activities can best support the external relations priorities of the law school.
  • Maximize opportunities for departments to work together to achieve the law school’s external relations goals.
  • Evaluate and assess “opportunistic” initiatives in light of external relations goals and available resources; make recommendations to pursue or not pursue initiatives.
  • Measure progress toward achievement of the school’s external relations goals and adjust or eliminate projects or activities that insufficiently further progress toward achieving the school’s goals in light of available resources.
  • Serve as the Dean’s review board for evaluating new opportunities and challenges that impact the school’s external relations goals.
  • Raise the level of awareness about the school’s external relations priorities among the school’s internal and external audiences.

ERG Members

  • Liz Cerrato, Assistant Dean for Finance & Administration
  • Ann Comer-Woods, Director of Communications & Marketing
  • Jim Fleming, Associate Dean for Intellectual Life
  • Brenda Hernandez, Associate Director for Academic & Multicultural Affairs
  • Fiona Hornblower, Assistant Dean for Career Development & Public Service
  • Alissa Leonard, Assistant Dean for Admissions
  • John Riccardi, Assistant Dean for International and Graduate Programs

Summer 2014 ERG Meeting Schdule
Meetings are held from 10-11 a.m. on the following days:

June 17
July 22
August 12

ERG Subgroup
The ERG Subgroup is a law school committee appointed by the members of ERG to review new event requests. The subgroup reviews proposed events in the context of the master planning calendar and the law school's external relations priorities to determine if they are feasible for the school to produce during the requested time frame.

ERG Subgroup Members:

  • Diana Beaudoin, Assistant Director, Financial Aid
  • Jenny Carron, Assistant to the Dean
  • Sara Dacey, Assistant Director for Alumni Relations
  • Lane Marder, Senior Program Coordinator, Graduate and International Programs
  • Jennifer Taylor McCloskey, Associate Director, Legal Writing and Appellate Advocacy Program
  • Cynthia Tow McPherson, Recruitment and Marketing Manager, Career Development Office
  • Gil Sayfan, Program Coordinator, Career Development Office
  • Adrienne Smith, Assistant Director, Office of Clinical & Advocacy Programs
  • Jordan Smock, Program and Marketing Manager, Office of Graduate and International Programs
  • Kelly Sullivan, Senior Program Coordinator, Student Affairs Office
  • Stefanie Weigmann, Assistant Director for Research, Faculty Services and Educational Technology, Pappas Law Library