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Planning an Event

If you are a BU Law faculty or staff member planning an event at BU Law School, please follow these steps:

  1. Consult the BU Law Events Calendar to determine if other law school events are being scheduled on or near the preferred date for your event. By planning ahead, you can avoid scheduling your event when it will compete with other events for space, time, and audience.
  2. Email Erin Lee at erinlee@bu.edu with the date, time, title and audience of any events that you're thinking of hosting in the future. Even if an event idea is under consideration, the specifics are vague or you're considering a date that's a year from now, all potential events should be listed on the master planning spreadsheet.
  3. Once you've received confirmation from Erin Lee for your event date, complete the Event Date Request Form if you are planning a lecture, symposium, reception or conference at the Law School.
  4. As soon as your event date is confirmed, submit the event information to the BU Law Events Calendar. If you do not have all the information about the event (e.g., names and title of all speakers), you can submit additional information later.
  5. Read the Event How-To Guide. It contains the key contacts and institutional processes for arranging room reservations, catering, photography, videotaping, BU Police details, guest parking, event rentals, and AV needs, as well as steps for promoting your event on the BU Law Events Calendar, web site, Visix screens and social media channels.
  6. If you have additional questions, email them to erinlee@bu.edu