Boston University School of Law

Christopher Xavier Elliott's LL.M. Student Commencement Address

Faculty, family, friends, and fellow graduates, good day.

I am honored to address you today. On behalf of the graduating LL.M students of Boston University’s School of Law, I would like to thank all the parents, spouses, families, and friends who encouraged and supported us as we worked towards our graduate law degrees. I would especially like to thank my wife and family, who are in the audience today. I would also like to thank all of the department secretaries and other law school staff members who always seemed to be there when confused LL.M students, such as myself, needed help. And finally I would like to thank the Boston University faculty members who served as our instructors, mentors, and friends.

As I think back to my experiences in the Banking and Finance LL.M. program, two words come to my mind…Global Investments.

Today I would like to share with you exactly what I mean when I say those words; Global Investments.

If everyone were to take a second and look to their left then to their right, behind them then to the front there is a great likelihood that you’ve just seen someone from a different part of the globe. This is the world that we live in today. We don’t have to travel to experience different cultures-nowadays all it takes is getting out of bed. This is what we experienced here at Boston University. We were placed in an environment where we were learning with, not the smartest people in our neighborhood, state or country, but rather the world. And I can tell you it is both exciting and humbling to be in such great company.

We the students owe a great deal of our experience here to you, our parents, friends, mentors, and loved ones. You see, all of you invested in us. We are a long-term investment that you’ve watched carefully through the years. Most of us like any strong security had our ups and downs; however we have shown steady growth over the years. Well I have good news for all of you in attendance. Today is our maturity date. Today is the beginning of a lifetime where we yield an excellent return for all you. For our Mothers and Fathers, it’s the pride that you feel when you tell your friends and co-workers, that you’re son or daughter is a lawyer. For our brothers and sisters, it’s the happiness that you will feel in not having to listen to us complain about our classes. For our mentors, your return is the satisfaction in knowing that you helped us through one the most difficult experiences in our lives, and that your advice did not fall on deaf ears.

For all of us in our respective programs, our return will come a little later. We will realize our true value when we are working in our respective firm or company on a complex global issue and we pick up the phone to call fellow alumni in their respective country that is familiar with that issue. Always remember we are important assets to one another. You will learn to appreciate the value of the relationships you formed here. The importance of what I am saying will become more evident as the world continues to get smaller and we continue to climb the ladder of success in our firms or companies.

As we honor this special moment, I hope you see as more than just our graduation. It is the day we increase value to ourselves to our careers, to our loved ones and to our communities. I thank you for sharing this moment with us.