Boston University School of Law

May 21, 2010


Professor Stacey L. Dogan Receives Honorable Mention for Antitrust Article

Boston University School of Law Professor Stacey L. Dogan recently received an honorable mention in the seventh annual Jerry S. Cohen Memorial Fund Writing Award for antitrust scholarship. She was recognized for her article “Antitrust Law and Regulatory Gaming,” which she wrote with Stanford Law School Professor Mark A. Lemley.

Published in Texas Law Review in 2009, the article argues that the risk of regulatory gaming provides an example of the need for ongoing antitrust oversight of regulated industries. It addresses “product-hopping,” in which the branded company makes repeated changes in drug formulation to prevent generic substitution; manipulation of government standard-setting organizations; and price squeezes by partially regulated industries.

Professors Dogan and Lemley will be recognized at the annual conference of the American Antitrust Institute on June 24 in Washington, D.C.

The award was established in memory of Jerry S. Cohen, a founding partner in the law firm of Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll PLLC of New York, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and Chicago. Cohen worked as chief counsel of Senator Philip Hart’s Judiciary Subcommittee for monopolies and antitrust, and was also a principal founder of the Committee to Support the Antitrust Laws. Throughout his career, he worked on cases such as the British Airlines antitrust case, the Corrugated Container case, and the Alaska Pipeline oil spill case.

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Reported by Sandi Miller

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