Boston University School of Law

December 7, 2007


Edelina Burciaga (’05) joins Governor Patrick’s Readiness Project

Since graduating two years ago, Edelina Burciaga (’05) has worked hard to promote education at the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute (MLRI).  Her goals for Boston’s youth fall squarely in line with those of Governor Deval Patrick, who this summer announced his plans for a statewide education initiative to improve students’ readiness for the workforce by 2017. Burciaga was selected for the Public and Private Higher Education Sub-Committee of Gov. Patrick’s Readiness Project, one facet of his initiative that calls for better teachers, universal pre-K schooling and free community college for high school graduates. 

The Readiness Project “encompass[es] a group of educators, legislators, business leaders, and community leaders who will work through some fundamental and systemic challenges that face public education in Massachusetts,” according to the Governor’s press release.

“[Those] who have agreed to serve on these sub-committees will help bring to life the vision for a world-class, comprehensive public education system that educates and nurtures every child to the highest levels of achievement,” said Gov. Patrick.

On the sub-committee, Burciaga and her colleagues—including Northeastern University President Joseph Aoun and MIT Chancellor Phil Clay—advise the Readiness Project committee on policies specific to higher education. “I was a little surprised to be selected considering that some of the other members of the sub-committee are university presidents and chancellors, but it's exciting to be a part of a group that is as passionate about education issues as I am,” said Burciaga. 

Her own work at the MLRI focuses on Latino education issues. “While there are a wide array of education issues that affect the Latino community, one of my main interests is access to higher education for students of color,” she said.

Burciaga’s ambitions do not stop here.  She said she plans on entering a doctoral program in education policy, which will add to her MA in social science research in education.  “I would like to continue to work toward the goal of educational equity as a lawyer, a researcher and a professor,” she said. “No matter where I end up, I will always be committed to social justice.”

Reported by Elizabeth Ress